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Having a separate bedroom: healthier for the couple than you might think!


In the eyes of many, sleeping apart is synonymous with a  relationship that is not going well . As if sleeping with your partner was a proof of love, stability and a healthy relationship.

Obviously, these ideas do not come from nowhere and have been present for a long time. But why should sleeping in the same bed be the best option for everyone? Because for many, it is frankly beneficial to have their own bed and their own space . Lots of couples who are convinced that they have to sleep together to succeed in their relationship… Is this true for everyone?! Not really.

Make a separate room for your own well-being

First of all, before even talking about relationships , it is important to talk about health . It is definitely not to be neglected, and what contributes to good health is, among other things,  rest and quality sleep . 

When you sleep alone, you have no space constraints and you don’t have to mentally worry about anyone other than yourself. We don’t have to stop ourselves from turning, we can lie down, stretch, sleep on the diagonal… In short, we can pretty much do everything in peace without being disturbed or afraid of disturbing. It is when you have no constraints that you can have better restful sleep, and doctors agree to confirm it!

Beyond general health and that of the back, it is important to underline the benefit of having a place just for yourself when you share accommodation with another person. You can find yourself there when you want to be alone, take time for yourself, and thus make sure not to influence the pace of life of your partner during this time. No, you can’t be stuck H24!

Make a separate bedroom to improve your intimate life

It’s also a wonderful way to conceive of sexuality differently , far from social norms that constantly insinuate that it must take place in bed, at night. Sleeping at night and being rested for real the next morning is really pleasant and it doesn’t prevent you from having sex otherwise!

By avoiding falling into a form of sexual routine linked to one’s sleep cycle and habits, one comes to find different moments and contexts , which can lead to interesting diversity in relationships.

We can really respect the individuality, but also the intimacy of his or her partner when we have a separate room. The shared moments are chosen, and it can also reduce the bickering for many!

Thus, we understand why more and more couples choose read more

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Top 10 romantic and sexy movies to watch

love movies

We all have a romantic film that has marked our imagination with its strong sensual potential!

There are a large number of cinematographic productions of the last 40 years, whose hot scenes know how to titillate our senses very well. Hot!

The proof: here is our top 10 of the sexiest and most seductive romantic films in cinema . Listen solo, with friends or as a couple, on Valentine’s Day or not!

1. Dirty Dancing

dirty-dancing-imdbIn Quebec, this film was called Danse lascive , and it’s not for nothing. Patrick Swayze is surprisingly attractive and the music transports us. The movements of the dancers are extremely sensual and awaken in us the desire to become teenagers again…

Come on, tell the truth, how many times have you seen it? Even years later, this film still gives us a little something and makes us want to get closer.

2. Original Sin

In this sensual thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, everything seems to start well. The wealthy merchant decides to marry a woman, without meeting her first, and finds himself overwhelmed by her indescribable beauty. The honeymoon begins…

The voyeur or the voyeur in you can only revel in the particularly photogenic bodies in action of Antonio and Angelina… until it turns sour. We won’t tell you more!

3. 9 and ½ weeks ( 9 1/2 Weeks )

The gorgeous Elisabeth (Kim Basinger) accidentally catches the eye of a man while shopping for groceries. As the latter also pleases her, they quickly begin a torrid affair which will last… 9 weeks and a half.

This classic from the 80s is filmed in a very aesthetic way and the ambient atmosphere is filled with eroticism. Some scenes are spectacular and will mark your imagination forever, if you haven’t already.

4. Last Tango in Paris ( Last Tango in Paris )

This Franco-Italian film by Bertolucci dates from 1972. Starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, this production relates the impossible, stormy, wild and intense loves of a mature man and a very young woman. It caused a scandal when it was released and was banned from broadcasting in several countries. Wanting to be a caustic painting of human relationships, this film will leave you with an indescribable impression.

5. The Piano Lesson

This Franco-Italian film by Bertolucci dates from 1972. Starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, this production relates the impossible, stormy, wild and intense loves of a mature man and a very young woman. It caused a scandal when it was released and was banned from broadcasting in several countries. Wanting … read more

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With my experience I can say many porno actresses work as cheap London escorts and party girls

cheap London escorts and party girls

I am a huge fan of porno films and I watch a minimum of 2 porno motion pictures on daily basis. However unlike other individuals I not just concentrate on the very best sexual acts in those porno motion pictures, however I focus on their best ladies as well. Because of this concentration or attention I can easily recognize those ladies or starlets that operated in these motion pictures and with some luck I fulfilled some of these porno actresses in my real life also and I enjoyed their company and pleasure activity in a fantastic way.

In fact when I remained in London for a small journey, then I employed a lovely and hot female as my trip buddy from cheap London escorts and party girls and at that time I got this experience. When I employed an attractive female in London through cheap London escorts and party girls, then I got an assured me that I will get only the best woman as my companion and I will have great enjoyable also with those best females. Although I was not very much positive about my pleasure since that was the very first time when I employed cheap London escorts and party girls for my entertainment need in London and I was truly wishing to get the best home entertainment with that option.

And when I got a female companion or attractive lady in London by means of cheap and hot escorts, then I noticed I saw that female earlier as well. Although I was taking the services of cheap London escorts and party girls for the first time in London, but I was confident about my memory likewise, so, I attempted to remember where I saw my cheap London escorts and party girls. After putting some pressure on my memory I recognized that I saw her in some porno motion pictures and in my viewpoint that was the best motion picture in its category and that’s why I was particular about my viewpoint.

Stunning Busty BrunetteSo I asked her if she truly operated in some porno films or not and she agreed for that. At that time my cheap London escorts and party girls companion told me that before joining this escorting work in London, she worked in some porno movies likewise. However, she did not like that work much so she left the porno industry and she began working as cheap London escorts and party girls in fantastic London city since it was the very best work in her perspective. She likewise told me that similar to her so … read more

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London escorts do different things to preserve the sexiness of their hot legs

If you would ask me about my fetish, then I would say I have a fetish for London escorts and their hot legs. Undoubtedly, I pay some severe attention to legs of other hot girls also, but I don’t know why I feel more destination toward the legs of London escorts. So, one day when I was with a lovely and hot London escorts, then I asked her the factor of her legs sexiness and she answered my question in a detailed way. She told me that not only she but other London escorts also take excellent care of their legs to keep them sexy and hot.

London escorts hot legsHonestly, that wasn’t a surprise for me because I discovered the same quality in all London escorts that I dated from London escorts and I never discovered any one of them with not so attractive legs. So, I was more curious to understand the secret behind that and at that time my sexy companion told me that London escorts work tough to preserve the attraction of their hot leg. Speaking about those things that London escorts do to preserve it, then this list includes a lot of things in it.

A kept lifestyle is the very first and the most essential thing that all hot and sexy London escorts keep in their mind. Although their work does not enable them to sleep at the correct time, however, they try to follow a rigorous diet prepare for that so they do not get any fat on their legs. Also, London escorts do regular workout to keep the tourist attraction of their sexy legs and without any doubt that exercise and rigorous lifestyle works.

However, just a set of slim and fit legs does not look appealing or hot which’s why London escorts take the help of routine pedicure also. My companion told me that she and other London escorts routinely go to the beauty salon to get a pedicure and they invest a lot of money for that. So, we need to accept this fact that London escorts not only attempt extremely tough to get attractive feet, however they spend a lot of cash likewise to keep the destination and beauty of their feet.

In addition to workout, pedicure or diet plan, London escorts need to pick their fabrics likewise in an extremely smart way. My buddy shared that if they will wear a slightly longer or shorter gown, then it can mess up the attraction towards their sexy legs. Therefore, they invest an adequate quantity of time in the choice of … read more

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Exercises that can help you obtain big breasts like cheap escorts in London

This is not a trick that a lot of the cheap escorts in London own pair of sexy and also huge busts. Several of you may also assume that cheap escorts in London take the assistance of breast implants or cosmetic surgery to get big breasts. This may hold true at a particular level, however not all the cheap escorts in London stroll on the course of surgical procedure to have large breasts. Most of the cheap escorts in London actually attempt by hand and also they obtain the outcome with a great deal of efforts and also routine workout. Below, in this article, you might discover several of the exercises that can assist ladies to have big breasts and feasible cheap escorts in London additionally do these exercises for sexier cleavage.

Pinhead cross punch: This is a very simple workout that you can do at your home also if you have a set of pinheads there. In order to do it, you require to order one pinhead in each of hand, now put one foot in reverse with cheap escorts in London hot asiansomewhat bent toe and bend both of your knees slightly. Now somewhat bend both the joints and now type the air in opposite side. That suggests with your right arm you require to type the left side and with the left arm you require to do it right side. This can help you get attractive and large busts like several cheap escorts in London.

Push-ups: This is one more excellent workout that you can do to have a company and also large busts. Actually, many preferred women including cheap escorts in London do it very often. The good thing about push-up is that you don’t need to get any type of tools for this nor you require any special place for exact same. You can really do the same in your room too prior to the bathroom and you can have huge busts. The only limitation for you and also this exercise is your perspective as well as opinion. If you will certainly really feel careless to do this workout, after that you would certainly not have any type of favorable result else you will definitely obtain huge breasts like cheap escorts in London. Also, I feel the majority of the cheap escorts in London do adopt this exercise approach to have huge breasts since sometimes they do not obtain the time to check out the health club and this workout aid cheap escorts in London to stay fit in that circumstance.

Chair dips: An additional great exercise to obtain large … read more

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I enjoy to delight in with high class girls from London escorts

London escorts - Blonde Leggy Girls

London escorts - Blonde Leggy GirlsI like to spend my time in London with sexy and hot ladies. For my pleasure, most of the time I get stunning and high class ladies in London through escorts service. I like to take the services of high class London escorts since I get numerous benefits with this alternative and here I am sharing some of those benefits with you below.

Easy schedule: In order to get high class girls, I just need to get in touch with a trustworthy escorts company in London and I can get them quickly. The good idea that I love about this alternative is that many London escorts firms exist that can use this services to people. Discussing my recommendation for very same, you can pick Studio 9 London Escorts as your provider. With this option you can get high class women quickly from with no issue.

Finest companions: Another noteworthy thing that I like about London escorts is that I can get high class ladies for nearly any requirement. With this option I can get girls for high class parties and if I have any other requirement then I can have that enjoyment likewise. They work as best and perfect companion for almost any requirement that makes it simple for me to enjoy great time in London which is why I enjoy to take their services all the time.

Lovely women: With London escorts service, I get only most stunning girls from this high class service. All the ladies that work in London as London escorts look truly beautiful and they provide really high class services also to me. Since of this reason not just me, but all the other males would likewise like to have this experience and they get excellent satisfaction in simple way.

So many services: Stunning and high class ladies from London escorts offer many services to people. These services may include massage, sexual dancing and a lot more services in easy way. This one thing that I constantly love about London escorts and if I look for this kind of enjoyment or services by other option, then I can not get the very same type of services.

Fit Bikini ModelGreat pleasure: in London I always get terrific and most amazing satisfaction with London escorts. I believe this one factor is big enough to have terrific and hot pleasure with lovely and high class girl. In this type of satisfaction I get so many things and services that I delight in all the time. If you want to get the very same sort of service then you … read more

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