About Even And Liza

This is where you can find all the legal information and how to get in touch with us.

Just see the links on the right side of the browser and follow the links.

If you want to text us something or ask a question about our relationship or sexuality, just go on. But if you are a fucking robot and only spamming good blogs like ours just fuck off, you will be blocked and ignored.

On top of that let me give you some nice pictures of us, just scroll down and enjoy. Don’t masturbate and remember that there is always a sexy girl waiting and not being satisfied because you are touching yourself instead of going out in the world and meet real women.

We forgot to introduce ourselves:

Eve – Sexy, cute and smart brunette, with a petite body and small Evebut beautiful tits. I also like to talk dirty and tempt men to think about me in a sexual way. See you inside the blog pages. All right?

Liza – Tall, naughty and not so smart blondie. I may not be the smartest girl on earth but I like to play and I know how to excite men and their make


their penises become boner and bigger…hihi… I also like to play with Eve and she is my type of girls. Let us show you what we think about and how we do it here in London.

If you like it or not, if you like us or not…who gives a fuck. This is our space in the net and we will express ourselves and don’t give a fuck about anyone.